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Esther: Fashion and Clothing (5 )

Esther: Fashion and Clothing (5 )

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them. Genesis 3:21

Read Genesis 3:14-24

Adam and Eve tried to hide the shame of their nakedness by covering themselves with fig leaves, but God made and clothed Adam and his wife with the skins of animals. As a result, animals lost their lives. The Lord killed and skinned them. This means that blood had to flow in order to clothe our first parents. By this, the Lord reveals that mankind could only be clothed through the way of sacrifice. Our clothing is therefore intimately connected to our sin and guilt. Our clothes had to be paid for; they cost an animal its life; blood had to be shed. The Bible draws a line from Genesis 3 to Golgotha, for there the Lord Jesus was disrobed. Shamefully naked, He hung upon the cross. He was mocked and derided to pay the price for the clothing of righteousness for believers. It cost Him His precious life. That is ultimately why He, as the Mediator, shed His blood. He did so to cover the shameful nakedness of sin and to clothe His people with righteousness. .

I advise you to stand before a mirror. When you go out to buy new clothes, think about Christ’s suffering and shame. Ask yourself: Does my wardrobe fit in with Christ’s redemptive work? Is your fashion determined by the cross of Christ?

The second thing we must consider regarding our clothing is the price. God gave new clothing to Adam and Eve. They did not have to pay anything for it although their disobedience necessitated it. Their clothing was a gift from God. Moreover, He decided its style. Were Adam and Eve still ashamed of each other after the Lord had clothed them? What do you think?

Thought: The style and fashion of a Christian’s wardrobe should be determined by the cross of Christ.

Psalter 191:1,4 (based on Psalm 71) Though troubles great overshadow me, Thou art my refuge strong; My mouth shall praise Thee all the day, Thy honor be my song. My God, be Thou not far from me, Make haste to hear my call; Ashamed, consumed be all my foes, Dishonored let them fall.


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