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Enoch Walked With God for 300 Years

Enoch Walked with God for 300 Years

And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters. Genesis 5:22

Read Jude verses 14-21

In our text we discern another remarkable characteristic in Enoch’s life of faith. He is not like a butterfly, fluttering from one flower to the next. His life continues on a steady course. He walks in the light of God’s countenance. From his conversion to the end of his life, Enoch walked with God. This reminds us of what we read in the rhymed version of Psalm 119:43-45, “My hope is in Thy judgments Lord; take not Thy truth from me. And in Thy law forevermore my daily walk shall be.” Undoubtedly there were moments when Enoch was in danger of slipping and stumbling, but Enoch called upon the Name of the Lord every time again – even for three hundred years! And the Lord never put him to shame. Enoch was privileged to rejoice in God’s Name every day.

God’s hand upheld him; His eye was upon him. As a pilgrim traveler, a father of a large family and a patriarch who lived during a turbulent age, Enoch experienced the truth conveyed in the Psalms, though they were not yet in existence. Centuries later, Jude tells us that Enoch lived during tumultuous times. Enoch warned his fellow man of the judgments that were going to come because they had forsaken the Lord. He stood his ground and was not led astray upon a wrong track.

Question: When God looks at your walk of life, does He see the righteousness of Christ, or does He see a life of godless rebellion?

Psalter 326:2, 3 (based on Psalm 119) My hope is in Thy judgment, Lord; take not Thy truth from me. And in Thy law forevermore my daily walk shall be. And I will walk at liberty, Because Thy truth I seek; Thy truth before the kings of earth With boldness I will speak.


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