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Why is education promoted as being so important?

Suggested Daily Reading: Matthew 25:14-30

God has blessed each of us with unique abilities and talents.  You and I are responsible to develop and use our God-given talents in ways that honor God, benefit others and care for ourselves.  In the language of the parable in today’s Bible reading, we are not to bury our talents, but to multiply them.  To put them to good use.

Education does not give us innate abilities and talents.  God does.  But education is a means that God can bless to multiply my God-given talents and make my use of them more effective.  Consider, for example, a person with musical gifts, who takes several years of intense piano lessons.  This person’s abilities and gifts can be greatly multiplied, recognized and shared with others by means of his or her music education.  Think of the person with mechanical gifts or teaching talents, how beneficial the results of this person’s mechanical education can be!

We all are responsible to God to recognize, multiply and use the talents He has given us.  We are accountable to God to value and develop the talents He has given us to prepare for our life on earth, but also for our eternal existence in our life to come.   We are to use our God-given talents for the good of others: in my family, church, work and society.  General education is a means to multiply our personal thinking skills, communication abilities, confidence when interacting with others, and opportunities for future employment.

As with all gifts from the Lord, Satan can counterfeit these, and twist God’s beneficial gifts into harmful influences.  Education removed from the foundation of God, His Truth and His Word can be used in harmful ways.  Atheistic education can multiply the effectiveness of leading people to believe a lie instead of God’s truth.  Our foundation is critical (Mt. 7:24-27).

We are to continually learn.  We are to be of a humble, child-like, and teachable spirit.  Education should be a life-long process.  But we are not to just learn new things or deeper truths for ourselves, but to use our education to glorify God and benefit others.

How well are you learning and serving?  Are you praying and trying to serve God and others with your talents and gifts?  While schooling plays an important role in our education, why is education not limited to schooling?  How can we foster a humble and teachable spirit, even as we learn more?


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