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Don’t glory in Man

“No glorying in man”

Mine own hand hath saved me. —Judges 7:2

Read Judges 7:1-8

In considering the history of Israel during Gideon’s life, our attention should be focused upon God. It was God who gave the victory, not Gideon. When Israel went to battle against the enemy, the ratio of Midianite to Israelite soldiers was four hundred and fifty to one. Those who were afraid and those who got down on their knees to quench their thirst at the brook were sent home. This meant that the impending victory could in no way be ascribed to the courage of the Israelites or of Gideon. The Lord would receive all the honour.

This remains true today as well. Deliverance from sin is of the Lord and His grace, and therefore it is to God alone that all the glory must be given. The words of Psalter 183 state:

All glory, might and power ascribe to God on high. His arm protects His people who on His arm rely. Forth from Thy holy dwelling Thy awful glories shine, Thou strengthest thy people; unending praise be Thine.

Humanly speaking, Israel was faced with a hopeless situation, but God saved them. Have you experienced God’s saving grace, merited by Christ’s finished work? You must know it if you would live a truly happy life and die a godly death.

How is God’s power and might revealed in our Scripture passage?


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