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Deception Discovered

Deception Discovered

Ye wives of Lamech, hearken unto my speech: for I have slain a man to my wounding, and a young man to my hurt. Genesis 4:23

Read Genesis 4:23, 24

It sometimes happens that an individual portrays himself better than he really is. Then suddenly the truth is discovered. It is revealed that he was really a liar, a deceiver, a fraud or an adulterer. How painful when such deception is discovered!

Something similar to this takes place in Genesis 4. For the second time, we are given some information about Lamech, the patriarch of a gifted family. His children were the shining stars, the Nobel Prize winners in the old world; his sons were highly praised; his daughter was beautiful. Except for the fact that we do not hear God’s name in the description of Lamech’s family, you would get the impression that this was a family to be envied.

But all of a sudden the patriarch exceeds the boundaries. He does so in the form of a song by which he expresses what lives in his heart. It is a song full of hate, vengeance and aggression. How dreadful! These things are hidden behind the beautiful facade portrayed by Lamech and his family. Once again, we must be careful not to stare blindly at the glitter and the glamour of this world. The world is defiant and filled with hatred toward God and their neighbour. It takes but a small incident and their hatred springs into action. Does this also happen in your life?

Let us rather listen to another song found in the Bible, a song of true charity. It is the song describing true love, which does not repay someone else seventy times seven but forgives seventy times seven (Matt. 18:22). Have you already learned to sing this song? This occurs when you acknowledge all your pretences and deceit. As a result, you learn to live as a poor sinner dependent on the Lord Jesus’ forgiveness.

Thought: He who has been forgiven much, loves much (Luke 7:47).

Psalter 93: 1, 3 (based on Psalm 36) The trespass of the wicked man Most plainly testifies That fear of God’s most holy Name, Is not before his eyes. The words he utters with his mouth Are wickedness and lies, He keeps himself from doing good, And ceases to be wise.


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