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David’s Advice

David’s Advice

Mine eyes are ever toward the LORD; for he shall pluck my feet out of the net. Psalm 25:15

Read Psalm 25:12-22

Yesterday we looked at the fact that David confessed the sins of his youth before the Lord. We do not know what particular sins David was referring to. Today we might include sins involving sexuality, music, alcohol and drugs. Because of this you might say: I struggle so much to be freed from the power of my sin! How can I achieve this?

In verse fifteen, David gives us a clear and excellent answer. He directed his eyes continually toward the Lord. As long as David looked to the Lord, he could not pay any attention to sinful allurements. Focusing on the Lord is important medicine in the battle against sin. Did David do this continually? If only that were true! When he looked at Bathsheba, his eyes were no longer fixed on the Lord. If only he had immediately turned his eyes to God again!

This psalm was written by someone who knew by experience how quickly he could fall into sin through the eye. But he also knew, by God’s grace, that there is forgiveness and renewal to be found with the Lord. Consequently, he also confessed that he needed to be kept from them and upheld by Him. Do not seek to fight against sin in your own strength; you will certainly end up losing. Seek to enter the battle in the power of the Lord, strengthened by His Word and Spirit.

Thought: Do you fight against sin or have you given up the fight?

Psalter 415:7 (based on Psalm 25) Yea, the secret of Jehovah Is with those who fear His Name; With His friends in tender mercy He His covenant will maintain. With a confidence complete, Toward the Lord my eyes are turning; From the net He’ll pluck my feet; He will not despise my yearning.


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