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David and the Show Bread

David and the Show Bread

But he said unto them, Have ye not read what David did, when he was an hungered, and they that were with him? Matthew 12:3

Read 1 Samuel 21:1-6

The Pharisees prided themselves in knowing the Scriptures well. However, they read and understood the Bible according to their own insights. This became apparent when the Lord Jesus asked them the question: Have ye not read…? The Saviour defended His disciples by pointing out what David did when he was fleeing from Saul. David had asked Abimelech, the priest, for bread when he and his men were hungry. There had been no bread available, except the show bread which was set before the Lord on the table of show-bread. These had been given to David, and he and his men had consumed them.

But, according to Exodus 25:30, only the priests were allowed to eat them when they were replaced by fresh loaves each Sabbath Day. The priest had acted contrary to the command of the Lord, even when no special provisions had been made for extenuating circumstances. If David, who had been anointed to be the future king, and his men were allowed to eat of the show bread, then surely Christ, the anointed of the Lord, and His disciples were allowed to eat a few kernels of grain on the Sabbath. If what David had done was sinful, then Christ, who was without sin, would not have brought up this example. Hunger is a natural phenomenon. In this time of need, the Lord Jesus used the Scriptures to support the actions of His followers. A pertinent saying is: Hunger is like a sharp sword which is able to break through stone walls.

When God-given rules may be set aside in special cases of need, then man-made rules can certainly be set aside in special circumstances.

Thought: Special circumstances bend the rules.

Psalter 415:6 (based on Psalm 25) Who is he that fears Jehovah, Walking with Him day by day? God will lead him safely onward, Guide him in the chosen way. Then at ease his soul shall rest, In Jehovah still confiding; Even his children shall be blessed, Safely in the land abiding.


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