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David and Bathsheba (6)

David and Bathsheba (6)

When I kept guilty silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long. Psalm 32:3

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David and Bathsheba had an intimate relationship with each other on only one occasion. After that one escapade, they no longer had contact with each other. But the consequences of that one meeting were huge. These two individuals could no longer meet with God. It wasn’t because David did not visit the temple. In all probability, he still did in order to keep up appearances. But their sin separated them from God. Furthermore, these two individuals could no longer meet one another on the street with an open mind, for both of them shared a secret involving a great sin. Moreover, they also could no longer fulfill their own marriage vows impartially. They had an illegitimate relationship only one time, and everything was ruined.

There is one other consideration: both of them kept silence. What if it had become known? There are many similar secrets buried in the grave that ultimately prevent people from entering heaven. No one in their neighbourhood knew anything about it even though they may have had an important position in the church. Almost everyone was convinced that he or she entered heaven. But un-confessed sin here below will remain un-forgiven in heaven.

A person either comes to an end in himself or hardens his heart. The first scenario is only due to God’s gracious intervention. The second is the result of choosing to remain silent. Are you also keeping silent about an issue, something personal, perhaps? Maybe only you and one other individual know about it. The devil whispers: It only happened once. You would like to believe this, but do you have rest for your soul? Why don’t you fall upon your knees and ask for the Lord’s forgiveness?

Thought: Un-confessed sins on earth remain un-forgiven sins in heaven.

Psalter 255:3,4 (based on Psalm 95) To the Lord, such might revealing, Let us come with reverence meet, And, before our Maker kneeling, Let us worship at His feet. He is our own God and leads us, We the people of His care, With a shepherd’s hand He feeds us, As His flock in pastures fair. While He proffers peace and pardon, Let us hear His voice today, Lest, if we our hearts should harden, We should perish in the way; Lest to us, so unbelieving, He in judgment shall declare: Ye, so long My Spirit grieving, Never in My rest can share.


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