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David and Bathsheba (5)

David and Bathsheba (5)

And it came to pass at midnight, that the man was afraid, and turned himself: and behold, a woman lay at his feet. Ruth 3:8

Read Ruth 3:1-18

The history in 2 Samuel 11 is most often referred to as the sin of David. But that is unjust. Bathsheba was not a sacrificial lamb. She deliberately chose David in spite of her loving and honourable husband. She lacked nothing at home and was lovingly cared for. Yet, she committed a great sin. Why? Let me mention some possibilities. Bathsheba was flattered; David took a liking to her. Her background and where she came from did not matter to him. He only had an eye for her figure. I presume that her neighbour was not given such an opportunity. It was the king who asked for her. She felt honoured. Besides this, a certain tension surrounded this whole development. Just the thought of committing sin was pleasing. But, in the case before us, the self-denial necessary for good and healthy relationships was lacking in both individuals.

When you realize that your boyfriend or girlfriend is only physically attracted to you, there is but one avenue open to you. If they are intent on crossing the boundaries reserved for marriage, you must break off that relationship! Your friend is not upright in his or her relationship with you. When the novelty wears off, he or she will move on to someone else.

It is so difficult to guard the boundaries in a relationship. Couples that have a committed relationship love each other more and more, and therefore must guard the distance required for a healthy relationship. Especially in our day, crossing the boundaries of intimacy reserved for marriage is often tolerated. The only way to resist this trend is through personal and mutual prayer and by setting parameters together based on God’s Word. Are you willing to do this for your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Question: Do you dare to say no to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Or, does he or she become angry?

Psalter 165:2 (based on Psalm 64) The wicked in their base designs Grow arrogant and bold; Conspiring secretly they think That God will not behold, They search out more iniquity, Their thots and plans are deep, But God will smite, for He is near His saints to guard and keep.


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