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Then the king answered and said, Give her the living child, and in no wise slay it: she is the mother thereof. 1 Kings 3:27

Read Matthew 7:13-23

Children as well as adults are surrounded by many dangers. If the Lord does not watch over our lives, they could easily be cut off. Do you realize that? Do you live your life accordingly? Do you pray for God’s protecting hand each day? It is actually a great wonder that we are still alive. It is not just a matter of course that we are privileged to sit around the table for an evening meal with our parents and siblings present.

Solomon gave the command that the living child be given to the actual mother. She was again allowed to look after her infant. Solomon was not intent on slaying the living infant, but merely threatened to cut it in half so he might know which of the two women standing before him was the real mother. It is a terrible thing when children are butchered in a mother’s womb. But, it is equally terrible that children receive the poison of sin from their parents.

Therefore, it is essential that children are brought up with God’s Word as their guide. The Bible calls us to repentance and directs us to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. When children (and adults) remain unconverted, they lie dead in trespasses and sins. If we consume poison, we are poisoning ourselves. Have you ever considered that? You may be physically alive, but what about the state of your soul? What are the longings of your heart? We are making a journey in this life, and the question is whether we are traveling on the broad or the narrow way? Where will your final end be?

Thought: The poison of sin brings eternal death!

Psalter 439:4 (based on Psalm 73) All they who wander far from Thee, Will perish in their misery; Thou hast destroyed the carnal hearted, Who from Thy covenant-ways departed. But unto Thee, my God on high, ‘Tis good for me that I draw nigh; I’ll trust Thee, Lord, through all my days, And publish all Thy works and ways.


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