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Danger Zones

Danger Zones

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:” Matthew 6:13

Read Matthew 6:5-15

Prayer is something that must be learned. It is something that improves with practice. This is especially true spiritually speaking. Therefore, we must listen to what the Lord Jesus had to say about this subject when He taught His disciples how to pray. He not only taught them what to say, but He gave them spiritual lessons to enable them to pray from the heart. There are a number of elements in the model prayer the Lord taught His followers. The element we would like to focus on at this time can be found in the final petition of the Lord’s Prayer: Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. The devil is always ready to deceive with his temptations.

This was also true in the case of the disciples; because they were followers of the Lord, many temptations threatened them as well. One prevalent temptation is the thought that we are too busy to pray. There is also the temptation to fall into a particular sin that the devil knows is a weak point in your life. Just think of how the melody of a song may be quite attractive, while the actual words are totally opposed to God’s commandments. This is a temptation in disguise.

How must you deal with the various temptations that confront you? Are you able to adequately arm yourself against them? This is certainly not possible in your own strength, but with God all things are possible. Ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you, so you can lay aside the temptations to sin and not even consider them. The Lord Jesus overcame the temptations of the devil and has the power to keep you from stumbling.

Thought: In what ways can you bring yourself into temptation?

Psalter 60: 1,2,3 (based on Psalm 25) To Thee I lift my soul, In Thee my trust repose; My God, O put me not to shame Before triumphant foes. None shall be put to shame That humbly wait for Thee, But those that wilfully transgress, On them the shame shall be. Show me Thy paths, O Lord, Teach me Thy perfect way, O guide me in Thy truth divine, And lead me day by day.


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