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Creation Sings

“Creation sings God’s glory”

Thou hast put all things under his feet. —Psalm 8:6

Read Psalm 8

The smallest flower and the largest tree reveal God’s glory to us. God’s greatness is revealed in the animal kingdom. But the pinnacle of God’s glory can be seen in mankind, for he has been given a very special place in God’s creation.

David observed all this and wrote this Psalm as a song adoring God’s glory. The Lord must receive all the honour, for He is the Creator of all living things. But the glory of God is seen even more in heaven where the angels praise Him with the Lord Jesus at His right hand (v.1). Little children also declare God’s glory (v.2). The Lord uses the weakest of His creatures to proclaim His honour. Children cried out, “Hosanna, to the Son of David” as the High Priest and the Pharisees were making plans to put the Saviour to death.

The Lord also created the heavenly bodies (v.3). They are the work of His fingers, created meticulously and with great ease. He prepared and ordered their place in the universe. Who is weak and sinful man compared to the glory of God? What a miracle that God wants to have anything at all to do with us, that He is willing to visit us.

Where in God’s creation do we see His glory?


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