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Created Male and Female

Is it OK or wrong to think or talk about sex?

Suggested Daily Reading: Genesis 1:26-31 and Genesis 2:21-25

God created us male or female (Gen. 1:27).  God brought Eve to Adam to be his wife (Gen. 2:22).  God instituted marriage and stated that a husband and wife should be one (Gen. 2:24-25).  God commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and to multiply (Gen.1:28).  Human sexuality and marriage are gifts from God. Sexual intimacy within the safe and God-given, loving boundary of marriage is God ordained.  Marriage is an institution of God established in Paradise, even before sin entered into the world. The Bible speaks a great deal about human sexuality and marriage. Therefore, it is not wrong to think or talk about human sexuality in God-honoring and appropriate ways.

When we misuse God’s gift of human sexuality, however, and think and talk about, or engage in sex outside of marriage, then it is wrong.  Sexual jokes and lewd comments, sexual advertising and pornography, provocative dress and flirting, in short, all sexual stimulation and activity outside of marriage is clearly forbidden by God.  When we think and/or talk about sex in these ungodly ways, then we sin.

Many young women have been deceived and seriously hurt by thinking that a young man was attracted to them and loved them, but the truth was he was interested in her for his own pleasure.  Many young men have been deceived and seriously harmed by pornography.  They thought that pornography was fun and exciting, but painful memories and destructive habits plaque their future lives and marriages.

God knows that we have sinful minds and hearts.  To protect us, God Who created us male and female, placed all expressions of sexual intimacies within the loving bounds of life-long commitment in marriage.  God’s plan is that the gift of sexual intimacy be reserved for the one, special wife or husband God has provided for me, who has vowed before God, family and community to love me through all of live, through health and sickness, until death separates us.  Sex is beautiful and special within marriage. But, sexual intimacy outside the life-long, loving bonds of marriage is sinful, harmful and destructive.

Trans-gendering contradicts God’s work and is sin. God has created us male or female.  One’s gender is not a person’s choice.  Same-gender sexual relationships contradict God’s Word, as well, and such acts are also sinful.  God instituted marriage as a special union of one man and one woman and stated that therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and these two shall be one flesh.

Do you know the story about the goldfish who thought he wanted to enjoy the “freedom” of swimming outside of the fish tank that his owner had prepared for him?   He tried to jump out many times, and finally one day he succeeded, but died on the floor.

Good laws and biblical truths can protect freedom and keep us from harm and chaos.  Imagine what would happen to our freedom to drive safely if no one obeyed speed limits and everyone could choose whether they wanted to stop for stop lights or not? How does this and the goldfish example relate to sexual intimacy?  Why is this very important for each of us?


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