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Confession of Faith

Peter’s Confession of Faith

Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. John 6:68

Read John 6:60-68

Christ’s appearance among His people, the Israelites, came to a point of crisis and a time of decision for many. According to the last verses of John 6, the thousands who followed the Lord Jesus had been reduced to twelve. Where did the multitudes go? Back to their everyday lives, to their homes, their work and the market place. In any case, they no longer followed the Lord as they once did. They had become disappointed in Him; they had become disillusioned. During this crisis, the Lord Jesus asks the twelve disciples whether they also would go away. It seems that He is expecting a negative answer. However, what they think of Him must also become apparent.

Peter answers the question on behalf of the rest: “Lord, to whom shall we go?” What a strange answer. They have seen thousands of people leave, people who seemed to know what they were doing. The multitudes would not continue to follow the Lord Jesus. But Peter did not want to hear of any other way than following the Lord. He knew something of where that way would lead and what it had to offer.

Even though Peter still had a lot to learn, he was convinced that Jesus was the Christ, the anointed of God Who had the words of eternal life. True life was to be found with the Lord Jesus and not anywhere else. The same question that the Lord expressed to the disciples, He directs to us. What do you think of Christ? You need to come to terms with this question. Seek to be with Christ!

Question: Have you ever seriously considered the result of turning away from Christ?

Psalter 233:4, 5 (based on Psalm 86) O Lord, incline Thy ear to me, My voice of supplication heed; In trouble I will cry to Thee, For Thou wilt answer when I plead, For Thou wilt answer when I plead. There is no God but Thee alone, Nor works like Thine, O Lord Most High; All nations shall surround Thy throne And their Creator glorify, And their Creator glorify.


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