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Coming into our Hearts

“Coming into our hearts”

Shall be saved. —Acts 2:21

Read Acts 2:14-21

Today, we will meditate again upon the Spirit’s work. The key text in this regard can be found in verse 18: “and they shall prophesy.” These words were not only spoken by Peter, but also were prophesied by the prophet Joel. God’s Spirit had been richly poured out, and in connection with this, Peter wanted to convince his hearers, both Israelite Jews and foreigners, of this truth. The love of Christ constrained Peter to speak on behalf of his Saviour. In the past, Peter had tried to take matters into his own hands using the sword, but God’s church is not built or won over by the sword. It grows through the power of the Spirit, by love.

And so, filled by the Spirit, holy diligence compelled Peter to urge his hearers to seek Christ. Today as well, the invitation to seek the Lord comes to us. Do we know God’s love? Have we surrendered to His gracious invitations? Or are we hardening our-selves, despising His service, His Word and His servants? The Lord is not obligated to us in any way; the wind of the Spirit blows wherever it wills. Let our prayer therefore be, “Come Thou, oh Spirit of God and blow upon our hearts.” God will show mercy on those who call upon Him.

What fruit results from calling upon the Lord?


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