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Citizens of God’s Kingdom

Citizens of God’s Kingdom

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3

Read Matthew 5:1-12

In the passage before us, the Lord Jesus reveals who in this world are members of His kingdom. Considering the characteristics of these citizens, they will not be esteemed by the world. They are poor in spirit; they mourn; they hunger and thirst after righteousness.

The characteristics of these citizens are numerous. However, we ought not to consider these descriptions as if they belong to different categories of people. These are the traits of every one of God’s people. What happens when an individual becomes a citizen of God’s kingdom? They become poor in spirit and learn to live from the riches of God’s grace. When you mourn for your sins, you find comfort in the finished work of the Lord Jesus. You also become meek and learn to display the image of the Lord Jesus. You hunger and thirst after the righteousness of Christ. You are also merciful to those around you because the Lord has shown mercy to you. You become pure of heart because of the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying influences. In this way, you experience a total make-over. This is called regeneration or being born again.

This new life brings you under the rule of King Jesus. This radical change is very necessary. It has already been stated at your baptism: You cannot enter into the Kingdom of God except you are born again. Regeneration must therefore be of utmost importance to you. The Lord is willing to renew your heart, from the inside out. You are at the proper address when you look to Him, for He is able and willing to provide everything you need.

Thought: Do you personally know what it is to be poor in spirit?

Psalter 112: 3,4 (based on Psalm 40) Let all who seek to see Thy face Be glad and joyful in Thy grace; Let those who Thy salvation love Forevermore proclaim, O praise the Lord Who dwells above, And magnify His Name. Although I poor and needy be, The Lord in love takes thought for me; Thou art my help in time of need, My Saviour, Lord, art Thou; Thou, O my God, I pray, I plead, Stay not, but save me now.


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