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Q: With so many religions in the world, how can I know that Christianity is really the only true religion?

Suggested Daily Reading: Ephesians 2:1-10

A: All religions (other than Christianity) in the world depend on people to perform certain actions or to refrain from doing certain things in order to earn salvation, appease evil spirits, or transcend to higher levels of being.  They all are based on man’s works totally or partially.

Only Christianity is different.  Christianity is based upon God’s grace; God’s love to undeserving sinners.  Only Christianity proclaims a God Who gave His own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to pay the full price for sinners’ sins and Who  freely gives salvation to unworthy people.  Only Christianity speaks of salvation as a God-given gift to be received and not a man-focused reward to be earned.

No human being could have ever thought of such a gracious way of salvation.  Who would ever imagine a judge sentencing a guilty person and then providing His own  innocent son to take the guilty person’s place?  Who would ever think of a Son who would be willing to suffer and die to pay the price for rebellious sinners?  This is too wonderful, too unheard of!  Only God could have designed such a plan.

What a wonderful comfort Christianity provides for true Christians!  Only  Christians can rest in full assurance of hope.  Why?  Because their salvation has been fully earned and paid for by God.  God took on our human nature in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He suffered and died and paid the full price for all the sins of those who believe on Him.  Therefore the true Christian can be assured of his or her salvation.  No other religion can rest in such assurance.  Why not?  Because in all other religions, salvation depends totally or partially on the person and on his or her works.  Because no one is perfect and everyone can stumble and fall into sin in the future, no one can rest assured of his or her salvation.  Only Christianity offers perfect salvation.  Salvation based entirely upon the perfect work of a perfect God!

Has God’s wonderful, free and gracious salvation filled you with amazement?  Have you experienced that you can never please a perfect God with your imperfect works?  Have you turned instead to the Lord Jesus and found in Him and in His perfect work your hope and salvation?  Is it you desire and aim to live your life out of thankful love to this gracious God?


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