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Child of Many Prayers

“A child of many prayers”

Isaac entreated the LORD. —Genesis 25:21

Read Genesis 25:19-26

Isaac and Rebecca remained childless for many years of their married life. From verses 20 and 26 we are able to draw the conclusion that this barrenness lasted for about twenty years. But there is one thing that they never gave up during all those years, and that was the need to pray. For twenty years they persevered in prayer, together begging the Lord who ruled over their lives to fulfill His promise, at His time. What an example they are for us!

Rebecca’s life specifically is also an example to us. She had felt something unusual happen with the children in her womb and her questions showed a certain measure of fear (v.22). Her reaction was to go to the Lord in prayer to find answers for what was happening and what it meant. What is our reaction to difficulties? Do we need the Lord in everything that takes place in our life, or are we able to take care of it ourselves? Consider the words of Psalm 105 as we sing them in Psalter 425:3:

Seek ye Jehovah and His power, Seek ye His presence every hour. His works, so marvellous and great, Remember still and meditate Upon the wonders of His hands, The judgments which His mouth commands.

How does this story encourage you?


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