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Carrying Away

“Carrying away the power of sin”

Whither do these bear the ephah? —Zechariah 5:10

Read Zechariah 5:5-11

The result of the fall in Paradise pervades our society completely. Murder, corruption, hatred, and envy are the order of the day. At times, we hope that peace will continue in this world. Instead, fearful tension arises because of what happens in different parts of the globe. Those who really try to live according to God’s law become discouraged by their short-comings and sin. Again and again, we do things that ought not to be done and says things we should not say. Always faced with sin, and more sin, we could easily despair of ourselves.

But Zechariah’s seventh night vision had a message of hope. Sin will not destroy life forever. Zechariah saw an ephah, which is a measurement used to measure wheat. Inside this ephah sat a woman representing wickedness. She tries to escape but is pushed back by an angel of God, and then a lead cover is securely fastened over the ephah. This signifies that God’s power and might are stronger than wickedness. Furthermore, the promise is also given that iniquity will not continue to weary God’s people.

Suddenly, two women appear with strong and powerful wings like a stork’s, for they must make a long journey. The women take the ephah and fly away, propelled by the wind. Where are they going? To Shinar, or Babylon, which is the name that represents all those who resist God. They must stay there until God pronounces judgment. This vision gives comfort and encouragement. The night can be pitch black and still the morning light will dawn! Has that been your experience? Do you look forward to Christ’s return?

What does the ephah signify?


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