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Calling and Deliverance

“Calling and deliverance”

It [the fish] vomited out Jonah upon the dry land. —Jonah 2:10

Read Jonah 2:6-10

How anxious and oppressed Jonah must have felt! To be thrown overboard and swallowed up by a sea monster was no small thing – it would be a terrible way to die. It seemed that he would not have any further opportunity to speak. But Jonah has much to say; he tells us about his terrible ordeal, how he cried out to the Lord, and of his miraculous deliverance. He ends this part of his story with the words: “Salvation is of the LORD” (v.9).

We also find this expression in Psalm 3 where the Psalmist David was forced to flee in despair from his son Absalom. Deliverance comes from God. Perhaps there is no episode in the Bible that teaches this as clearly as the history of Jonah. No human help could have intervened in this situation; only God could deliver. Also today, the Lord is willing to help and bring deliverance to those who are in danger of sinking down into the depths. Do not despair, but hold fast to God’s Word: Salvation is of the Lord.

What is meant by the term: Salvation is of the Lord?


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