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I will raise unto David a righteous Branch. —Jeremiah 23:5

Read Jeremiah 23:5-8

During the winter trees look very dead, but when you look closely, you will notice little buds on the branches. When the sun shines on them in the spring, little branches and leaves begin to sprout from them. Jeremiah uses the image of a dead stump. It did not seem have any value, but a branch did appear out of the stump. The House of David seemed destined to perish. Yet here we read of a promise: the covenant made with David will be established. The House of David will rise from its ashes. Christ’s appearance into this world seemed insignificant, but there was a bud which meant that new life was coming. A new future awaited God’s people. Jesus is a righteous Branch (v.5), and by Him many shall be justified.

The Lord Jesus rules as King and Conqueror. He will defeat Satan completely. He is the LORD, Jehovah, God of the Covenant (v.6). As a Mediator, He is our righteousness. He is perfectly righteous, and on the basis of His perfection He clears guilty sinners of punishment and guilt. Do you bow down before King Jesus? Or, are you still serving another king?

What does the term “righteousness” mean?


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