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Both Word and Deed

Both Word and Deed

He left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out. Genesis 39:12

Read Genesis 39:11-20

Joseph stayed away from Potiphar’s wife as much as possible because of his love for the Lord. That is ultimately what enabled him to remain standing while in the vicinity of the sinful influences of Potiphar’s wife. But she still looked for the ultimate chance to make him yield to her advances.

As Joseph went about some of his daily duties alone, she tried to sexually tempt him, even taking hold of his garment. There was only one way of escape: to leave his outer garment with her and flee.

It is no different today. The devil knows the best ways to tempt us. While doing our daily work he may unexpectedly place a temptation before us, diverting our attention. At such moments, there is but one way open to you; you must throw out that suggestive advertisement, turn off the TV, and flee in whatever way you can. You must take a firm stand to distance yourself from sin. Seek to do this prayerfully and continually—also at your workplace.

Question: Are you engaged in spiritual warfare?

Psalter 428:5, 8 (based on Psalm 119) O teach me, Lord, the way that I should go; Then shall Thy servant walk therein forever. Give understanding all Thy paths to know; Then shall I keep Thy law with zealous fervor. Instruct me in Thy perfect will and, lo, I shall observe it with my whole endeavor. Thy Word is as a lamp unto my feet, A light upon my pathway unto heaven; I’ve sworn an oath, which gladly I’ll repeat, That I shall keep, as always I have striven, Thy righteous judgments, holy and complete, When unto me Thy helping grace is given.


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