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Shall we not receive evil? —Job 2:10

Read Job 2:1-10

Satan lost the first round in his attempt to dislodge Job’s faith, but he did not give up. When he appeared before God a second time, he ignored Job altogether, for who willingly admits defeat? Again, he dared to question the sincerity of Job’s piety, using a questionable proverb. “Job will not give up his life for Thee,” the devil said to God. How slanderous this statement was, for it questioned God’s honour. The Lord once again gave Satan free rein, and Job became covered in sore boils from head to toe. He be-came a hideous spectacle to his fellow man.

The devil also made sure that he had his accomplices, including Job’s own wife. She should have been a support and comfort to her husband, but instead she advised him to curse God and commit suicide. And so, Job had to suffer all alone. In this loneliness he resembles the Man of Sorrows, the Lord Jesus, and points us to Him. “Shall we receive good things from God and not evil?” he replies. Whoever fears the Lord in uprightness will acknowledge Him in His chastisements as well as His blessings.

How does the devil tempt man?


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