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Believing God’s Promises

“Believing in God’s promises”

The people was much discouraged. —Numbers 21:4

Read Numbers 21:1-5

The children of Israel were growing tired of wandering in the wilderness. Much had happened during their journey, including the deaths of Miriam and Aaron. They were at war with the Canaanites, and if the Lord would give them the victory, the Edomites also had to be conquered. They had become a wandering, warring people, exhausted and discontented. Had they but remained in Egypt, they would have had rest. They had had to work hard there, but at least they did not have to fight against enemies. Would they ever reach Canaan? Understandably, Israel had be-come discouraged. But they had forgotten something. The Lord had promised that He would bring them into Canaan, and He keeps His promises. But the people complained about the “light bread” the Lord sup-plied (v.5). Day in, day out, God took care of them so that they had enough to eat, but they were not satisfied.

The Lord fulfills His promises. Do not slight them. Read His Word from this perspective, and remember that the Lord also gave you a promise at the beginning of your life. He is willing to be your God, supplying all your need for time and eternity. Be active in believing this promise!

What did the people forget?


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