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Believing Abram

Believing Abram

And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness. Genesis 15:6

Read Genesis 15:1-6

Do you find it difficult to believe? Our text tells us that you are in good company. The man who we meet in our passage today is referred to as the ‘father of the faithful’. Perhaps you thought that this hero of faith recorded in Hebrews 11 did not find it difficult to believe. But just read the opening verses of Genesis 15. In this passage, we meet Abram sitting in his tent. The Lord tells Abram that he need not fear. This is not without reason. Abram is afraid of the future. Year after year passes by; what will become of the Lord’s promises? He is not becoming a great nation, and therefore his posterity will not inherit the land of Canaan. Abram looks introspectively at himself and comes to one conclusion: Nothing is going to come of God’s promises.

Then the Lord tells Abram to come out of his tent and look at the starry heavens. Perhaps he thought with the Psalmist of Psalm 8, as we sing it in Psalter 14, “O Lord our Lord, in all the earth, How excellent Thy Name! Thy glory Thou hast spread afar, In all the starry frame. When I regard the wondrous heavens, Thy handiwork on high, the moon and stars ordained by Thee, O what is man, I cry.” The Lord points to the heavenly luminaries and tells Abram that is what his seed will be.

What is so beautiful about this story is that Abram does not ask the Lord, “How can this be?” His doubts have disappeared. Does this mean that he understands how things will turn out? No, but the Lord has spoken, and Abram gives his Amen in response.

This is believing! We become silent before the Lord and say Amen to whatever He says. It is such a small word, one that even children learn to say at a very young age. It is pleasing to the Lord when we use this term in faith.

Question: Have you learned to believe, relying upon the Lord?

Psalter 73:5, 6 (based on Psalm 27) My heart had failed in fear and woe Unless in God I had believed, Assured that He would mercy show And that my life His grace should know, Nor was my hope deceived. Fear not, though succor be delayed, Still wait for God, and He will hear; Be strong, nor be thy heart dismayed, Wait, and the Lord shall bring thee aid, Yea, trust and never fear.


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