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Ask A Pastor: Why did God allow sin to happen?


Can you please explain more as to why sin entered the world if God, who rules all things, didn’t have to make sin happen? Didn’t he have authority over Adam and Eve? So why didn’t he prevent them from eating the tree and just keep everything perfect?


We must ever be careful when we try to answer questions about God and His Word when He doesn’t give us those answers. We can, however, based on what we do know about God from His Word, venture something of an answer to the questions you raise. First, God is sovereign and almighty.  He could have, if He wished, prevented Adam and Eve from falling. He could also have created them so they were incapable of falling into sin. He obviously did neither. Having said that, there is nothing in Scripture that leads us to believe God in any way caused or prompted Adam and Eve to sin. First, since Adam and Eve were created in God’s image, part of that includes a measure of sovereignty. He gave them dominion over the world (Gen. 1:26). That included the ability to freely choose to love and obey God. Sadly, they abused that ability and through sin, lost it.  Second, God’s Word says He does all things for His own glory and that He delights in magnifying the riches of His grace (Eph. 1:7, 2:7). He also delights in mercy (Mic. 7:18). So our best conclusion is He allowed the fall of Adam and Eve rather than “forcing” them to love Him and, that by providing a Saviour in the Person of His Son, He brought Himself  greater glory than if our first parents had not fallen.  Finally, through their fall and His gospel, we have learned more about God (His mercy, grace, long-suffering, etc.) than we ever would have known otherwise. This gives us all the more reason to glorify Him.


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