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April 3

Peter’s Running

“And Peter…” —Mark 16:7

Read Mark 16:1-8

It seemed as if all things had come to an end. Out of love for their Saviour, the women wanted to embalm His dead body, and went to His grave with that intention. When they arrived, the stone had been rolled away. At least that problem had been solved for them. Then, as they entered the grave, an angel addressed them. He instructed them to tell the disciples and Peter that their Master lives! The Lord Jesus did not forget about His impulsive, back-slidden disciple.

Peter undoubtedly went through a difficult time after Christ’s crucifixion. Besides the fact that everything seemed to be over, he had to deal with the fact that he had denied his Master. No doubt his soul was in great turmoil. Maybe he even doubted within himself whether he was God’s child. But Jesus had said, “I have prayed for thee.” What He says, He will also fulfill!

And so the women left the grave with their message, especially for Peter, from which he would receive some encouragement and some measure of joy. Was his Master alive? At this news, Peter ran to the grave with John, as we can read in John 20:4. Notice that Peter did not wait for the Lord Jesus to come to him; instead, he went to the grave. This is the duty of all those who earnestly seek Him. Go to the Lord in prayer and by reading His Word! Seek Him and do not rest until you have found Him.

Have you sinned greatly? This is not an impediment for the Lord Jesus! He also invites you, even when you feel so confused. He says, “Come unto Me.”

Why was Peter’s name mentioned distinctly?

This devotional was taken from “The Time of Your Life” a daily devotional published by the Youth & Educational Committee of the FRC. To order a printed copy of this book, contact:


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