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Anxiety Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. Genesis 19:32

Read Genesis 19:24-32

Many victims of incest are afraid to reveal how they have been abused; they are afraid of the consequences. They are also afraid of the division that this may bring within the family. Moreover, experience tells us that many victims are not believed. The individual that commits such a crime goes free, while the victim is accused of being mentally unstable. This is very difficult to endure; first pain and sorrow is experienced due to the physical abuse, and then the contempt from others is emotionally very trying.

We should do everything to prevent this from happening in the church. Do we not confess that mankind is capable of all kinds of evil? Then we should not have the attitude that this would never happen in the home of an upright office bearer or an exemplary family. We can paint such a pretty picture outwardly, while the opposite is actually true. Victims realize it when they are not taken seriously and believed. It is therefore imperative for the church that they do not quickly dismiss or deny a claim, but to cautiously examine the facts.

Furthermore, families need to be very careful that they do not inadvertently encourage such activities. For example, as children become older, showers and baths need to become private matters. Parents and older children must not be engaged together in these activities. Moreover, parents ought to seek to instil modest dressing and proper behaviour in their children. Our physical body belongs to ourselves and ought not be put on display for others, even before those in our own family.

Thought: Incest occurs more often in families where sexuality is never discussed openly.

Psalter 143: 2,3 (based on Psalm 51) Against Thee only have I sinned, Done evil in Thy sight; Lord, in Thy judgment Thou art just, And in Thy sentence right. Behold, in evil I was formed, And I was born in sin, But Thou wilt make me wise in heart, Thou seekest truth within. From all pollution make me clean, Yea, whiter than the snow; O let my broken heart rejoice And gladness make me know; Blot out all my iniquities, And hide my sins from view; Create in me a spirit right, O God, my heart renew.


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