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Another Disposition

Another Disposition

For the fashion of this world passeth away. 1 Corinthians 7:31

Read Romans 7:13-26

How shocking it is when you realize you are different! You discover that you have homosexual tendencies; you feel attracted to members of your own sex. However, being attracted to others of the same sex is still different from engaging in homosexual activities.

This tendency brings great struggles with it. For one thing, how will others react if they find out? This can cause great struggles because homosexual desires were not present at the beginning of God’s creation. It can only be defined as a disorder due to sin. Man’s fall into sin has ruined his nature. As a result, one person is greedy, another is proud and a third has homosexual tendencies.

This shows us that those with homosexual desires are no more depraved than others with other tendencies. We have all turned our backs on God. However, in the lives of those with homosexual desires this fact becomes apparent in their sexual desires. It is a sinful sexual desire that needs to be fought against. This is by no means easy, but the Bible does not condone the practice of homosexual activities in any shape or form. It is an abomination to the Lord at all times and places. However, those struggling with homosexual tendencies are not out-rightly rejected by the Lord. Homosexuality, as sin, is condemned by the Lord, but there is forgiveness for those who have fallen into it. Those who are guilty of this sin must seek to dialogue with another about their struggles. But, they must also seek forgiveness and repentance from the Lord.

Thought: A person struggling with homosexuality ought to be able to share his struggles with others in the church.

Psalter 384:1,5 (based on Psalm 139) O Lord, my inmost heart and thought Thy searching eye doth see; Wherever I rest, wherever I go, My ways are known to Thee. Search me, O God, and know my heart, Try me, my thots to know; O lead me, if in sin I stray, In paths of life to go.


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