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And I Saw

“And I saw”

And I saw a great white throne. —Revelation 20:11

Read Revelation 20:11-15

In this chapter the phrase “and I saw” is repeated several times. The first vision was of an angel with a key and a chain, used to bind Satan a thousand years so he could not continue doing his deceitful work (v.3). This marked a long period in which the church experienced a time of peace and rest. There are a number of different theories about this, but we will not dwell on them at this time.

Second, John saw thrones with judges upon them who gave the congregation that had come out of the great tribulation to King Jesus the privilege of reigning with Him for a thousand years. The others remained dead until the thousand years were come to an end (v.4). Then John saw the devil let loose and in the short time allotted to him, he went about as a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour. After this, he was thrown into the pit of hell with those whom he had seduced (vv.7-10).

Following these events, John also saw a great white throne on which the Judge of heaven and earth was seated. The books were opened (vv.11-15), including your and my book of life. What are the contents of it? Are you able to listen to it? Nothing is forgot-ten; all your and my sins are written down in it. This should cause you to cry out, “What will become of me?” Your punishment is sure and rightly so. But there is another book, the Book of Life, in which all the names of those that are saved are written. Will your name be found there? This can only be true on the basis of Christ’s blood that was shed to save you.

What does the Book of Life contain?


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