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An Endearing Name

An Endearing Name

And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel; and I will bless them. Numbers 6:27

Read Numbers 6:22-27

Let’s continue our discussion about the name of God. As we do so, you need to consider that you are a bearer of that name. Your name was joined to the Lord at your baptism. Through this ordinance, the handwriting of the triune God has been written on your forehead. Consequently, you are responsible to confess the Lord as your Lord and Master, to love His name with all your heart. Take time to look at yourself in the mirror; do not forget the water of baptism that was sprinkled on your forehead!

The Aaronic blessing recorded in the last verses of today’s passage is often pronounced at the end of a Lord’s Day worship service, as you prepare to enter a new workweek. However, that blessing is not experienced automatically. Those who long for it will begin to understand its meaning and will not regard it as some kind of magical formula. They will also see that God’s blessing is the last thing they deserve.

How is it possible that the holy name of God is laid upon a sinful people? The secret of this lies in the name of God Himself. He sent His Son into this world and said: Thou shalt call His name Jesus, for He shall save his people from their sins.

Thought: Do you cherish the names of those you love? Do you also cherish God’s Name?

Psalter 373:1,7,10 (based on Psalm 135) O praise ye the Name of Jehovah, Proclaim ye His glory abroad; O praise Him ye servants appointed To stand in the house of our God. Thy Name shall abide, O Jehovah, Through all generations renowned; The Lord is the judge of His people, His mercies forever abound. O Church of our God, sing His praises, For with you and in you He dwells; O sing Hallelujahs before Him, Whose glory all praises excels.


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