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A Repulsive Sin

A Repulsive Sin

And the first born went in, and lay with her father; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. Genesis 19:33

Read Genesis 19:33-38

The principles of Lot’s daughters dropped to a very low level. Their actions were completely immoral. Apparently they had become so influenced by life in Sodom that they lost sight of God’s will. Actually, they had no respect for their father or their own bodies. First of all, they sinned against the fifth commandment, which calls children to honour their parents; secondly, they transgressed the seventh commandment regarding adultery. In fact, they broke all the commandments.

What took place ought to nauseate us. This episode was sin committed in its ugliest form. How can mankind come to the point of engaging in the most intimate of relationships with their nearest family members? How disgusting! Two daughters tempted their father, got him intoxicated and then consciously had sexual relations with him. Lot did not even know what was going on.

The Bible does not try to avoid the issues here; everything is openly displayed. This sin is not covered up but is given as a warning for us. Lot’s choice of Sodom, in the final analysis, brought him to Zoar where his daughters became pregnant by him. Anyone who prefers a life of sin above walking with God goes from bad to worse. It is important to realize this, for the sin of incest does not just happen. It flows from wrong choices that have been made previously.

Thought: Incest usually takes place in families with loose morals.

Psalter 386: 4,5 (based on Psalm 141) Guard Thou my thoughts, I Thee implore, And of my lips Keep Thou the door; Nor leave my sinful Heart to stray Where evil footsteps lead the way. O righteous God, Thy chastisement, Though sent thro’ foes, in love is sent; Though grievous, it will profit me, A healing ointment it shall be.


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