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A Miracle

“A miracle”

The barrel of meal wasted not. —1Kings 17:16

Read 1 Kings 17:7-16

Elijah prayed that it would not rain, and now Israel faced three and a half years of famine (James 5:17). As soon as the rain had ceased, the Lord hid the Gospel from Israel, taking Elijah away to a solitary place where he was cared for by ravens. After being at Cherith for some time, he was sent to Sidon, which seemed an unsafe place for him: Jezebel’s father reigned there, and it was the main centre of Baal and Ashtaroth idol worship. Added to these dangers, Elijah would be supported by a widow. From the widow’s words, we know that she had some knowledge of the God of Israel. Moreover, she gives her last little cake to her visitor for he knew the Lord as his God. Did she do this out of respect for the God of Israel and Elijah His servant? Was she perhaps a believer? Whatever the case may have been, she was convinced of one thing: the prophet was of greater importance than her; God’s will must first be considered and then hers. Do you agree with this order of things? Perhaps you need to consider this when you spend your money. Perhaps you think that it was easy for the widow to believe in the God of Elijah because of the daily miracle in her home. The bar-rel of flour didn’t give out, and neither did the jar of oil. Did that make it easy to believe?

What does it mean to live daily life as a miracle?


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