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A Hiding Place

“A hiding place”

The day of the LORD is near. —Joel 3:14.

Read Joel 3:7-17

As a lion stalks its prey, its imposing figure strikes fear in the whole animal world. All of nature holds its breath as the king of the beasts speaks. Many animals quickly disperse and slither away. In Joel 3:16, the Lord is compared to a roaring lion. The Lord summoned all the hostile nations to prepare for battle against Him (vv.9-12). In various ways, they are called to appear with all their weapons and men, and there will be no excuse for losing the bat-tle. The harvest referred to in verse 13 is the wickedness of the world. They have provoked the Lord long enough; now He is going to judge them as the Judge of the universe (v.12). The Day of the Lord has come. Various signs on the earth and throughout the universe declare the judgment of God (v.15).

But what an unequal battle this is! When the Lord raises His voice from His dwelling place in Zion, heaven and earth tremble. His presence is so astounding that fear and dismay fills men’s hearts (v.16). This power can only result in the destruction of all the enemies of God! What a terrible day this is for those who ridiculed the Lord and lived carelessly on the earth. And yet, the Lord will be a refuge and a hiding place for those who sought safety in Him before the dreadful judgment day of the Lord comes.

Why was this called an unequal battle?


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