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A Father’s Love

My daughter in love

Life covered in roses

Sweet fluttering heart fooled

By this one who proposes

No Genuine spirit

To be found in the lad

A flourish of kindness

For a lifetime of bad

I witness the wilds

Of an eloquent user

Today opening doors

Tomorrow abuser

She sees delight

Where I see deception

Her kind heart clouded

By outward affection

Subtle warnings given

So not to alarm her

Knees planted by bedside

Lord let him not harm her

Again I am pleading

Somethings not right my dear

As I turn to disguise

My wiped away tear

Are these just the fears

Of my fatherly love

I return to my knees

Seeking help from above

Oh Lord please be with her

You know my apprehensions

A flashy young man

With misguided intentions

Lord make her your daughter

As you made me your son

Reign in her heart Lord

Till your will is done

Your arms are the place

Where I pray she will be

Carry her now Jesus

Just as you carried me

My tearful daughter approaches

The engagement has ended

Unraveled his falsehood

This man who pretended

I give thanks to the Saviour

And praise Him for Grace

As ambiguous tears

Stream down my face

Of joy for the lifting

Of  this man’s disguise

Of sorrow for grief

In my baby girls eyes

I ask how did you see through

His deceptions and such

She said because the first one who loved me

Loved me so much


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