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A Family Circle

A Family Circle

But thou shalt go unto my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife unto my son Isaac. Genesis 24:4

Read Genesis 24:9-27

Abraham wanted to have a daughter-in-law from his native country and his own family circle. Why was he so set on this? Abraham had been called away from that land and his own father’s house. Idols were being served in Ur (Joshua 24). The women in the land of Canaan, as well as those of his family tree, were heathen women; they were people who worshiped idols. God, however, is pleased to work from generation to generation. Abraham, as you know, came from the line of Shem, a son of Noah. The Lord had given rich promises to Shem (Genesis 9:26). Abraham’s extended family members were beneficiaries of those covenant promises. Abraham wanted a wife for his son from the posterity of Shem—from the covenant people.

In Canaan there was no knowledge of the Lord, but in Haran this was different. Laban, Abraham’s brother, and his father, Bethuel, did know about the Lord (Genesis 24:50). As a result, they recognized the developments that took place as coming from the hand of God. That is why they could submit to God’s will. By this we see that there was still some understanding of God and His ways among these people.

Abraham sent his servant to Haran because he knew how important it was to have a wife that feared and loved the Lord. Abraham knew that husbands and wives are given to each other that they might serve God together.

Thought: Faith must play an important role when seeking a steady relationship.

Psalter 360: 4,5 (based on Psalm 128) Lo, on him that fears Jehovah Shall this blessedness attend, For Jehovah out of Zion Shall to thee His blessing send Thou shalt see God’s kingdom prosper All thy days, till life shall cease, Thou shalt see thy children’s children; On Thy people, Lord, be peace.


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