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A Dark Power

A Dark Power

The LORD thy God shall raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken. Deuteronomy 18:15

Read Deuteronomy18:9-22

The archenemy of God is often referred to as the power of darkness. As a result, the realm of Satan is known as the place of darkness. When Israel entered the promised land some years after this passage was written, they would come into contact with nations who were under the power of darkness. Since these evil powers do exist, we are forbidden to seek guidance from anyone who can supposedly tell the future and read certain signs. Anyone who looks for guidance from such sources is abominable in God’s sight. This term, abominable, indicates that the Lord takes this sin very seriously. Why? Because, as Luther said: We then place our faith in a surrogate God, in the devil who seeks to mimic the Lord.

The devil tries to copy the Lord’s omniscience (all knowing) and His omnipotence (supreme power) by making people believe in future predictions and chaining them to various forms of superstition. For example, some people do not want to live on the thirteenth floor of an apartment building because it might bring them bad luck. This is madness!

That is why the Lord gave Israel prophets who would instruct them how they should live. The manner in which you live also determines your future. The Lord graciously promised Moses that the greatest prophet Jesus Christ would come. We must not consult horoscopes, palm readers or necromancy but listen to what the Lord has to say to us through His Word. Those who consult the dark powers of our age very often have no direction in life and live in anxiety. Thankfully there is One who is able to deliver us out of the powers of darkness and bring us into the glorious light of the gospel.

Thought: How is the Lord’s wisdom made evident by concealing our future from us? What confidence does this give to you?

Psalter 67:1,4,5 (based on Psalm 25) Lord, to me Thy ways make known, Guide in truth and teach Thou me; Thou my Saviour art alone, All the day I wait for Thee. Just and good the Lord abides, He His way will sinners show, He the meek in justice guides, Making them His way to know. Grace and truth shall mark the way Where the Lord His own will lead, If His word they still obey And His testimonies heed.

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