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A City with Pearly Gates

A City with Pearly Gates

And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel. Revelation 21:12

Read Revelation 21:8-21

The New Jerusalem is called the bride of the Lamb. The church triumphant is called the Bride of Christ. The city where she dwells is the place where God lives with His people, and they with Him. There is nothing more beautiful than this! Don’t you think so? How glorious it must be to live there!

Who has access to this city? Certainly not everyone indiscriminately, for it is a walled city. The walls prevent enemies from entering it. However, John saw that the walls had multiple gates, which gave access into the city. There were twelve of these gates. This is a large number for any city. There were three gates facing each direction. Numerology plays a significant role in the Book of Revelation. The number twelve makes us think of the tribes of Israel, which formed the Old Testament Church, as well as the twelve apostles of the New Testament. The names of the twelve tribes were written along the tops of the gates, while the names of the apostles were written on their foundations, indicating that the whole Church, people from both the Old and the New Testament eras, will inhabit the city. The inhabitants will come from every direction. The three gates on each side allow many people access into the city. This is an important fact, for it reveals God’s willingness to demonstrate His love. Every sinner deserves to be denied access to the city, yet God opens its gates wide to receive sinners. This has only been made possible for Jesus’ sake. Angels stand at each gate to verify who may be lawfully admitted into the city. To enter this city, you need a passport, a passport which has been verified and sealed with the blood of Christ. That is the one and only way to enter into the City of Light through the pearly gates.

Thought: Do you think there are barriers in the gates?

Psalter 31:1,7 (based on Psalm 17) Lord, hear the right, regard my cry, My prayer from lips sincere; Send Thy approval from on high, My righteousness make clear. Thou in the night my heart hath tried, Nor found it turned from Thee aside. When I in righteousness at last Thy glorious face shall see, When all the weary night is past, And I awake with Thee To view the glories that abide, Then, then I shall be satisfied.


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