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A Bright Day!

A Bright Day!

Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. Acts 19:19

Read Acts 19:18-23

The incident in which the seven sons of Sceva were attacked and driven away by the demon possessed man caused a lot of turmoil. The people realized that Jesus’ name truly represented a Person. The people began to respect the Lord, and His name was held with high esteem. The powerful attack of the demon was turned into a victory for the Word of the Lord. Many people in Ephesus were converted. This was made evident when they confessed their sins—true conversion never occurs without confession. However, confession of sin also has its practical consequences, namely, breaking with sin. This means that we must break with sin with one hundred percent, not just with eighty or ninety percent, of our being.

The Ephesians had many books containing black magic and all kinds of occult practices; these had to be dealt with. Imagine someone in Ephesus had taken most of his occult-filled books to the market place in Ephesus to be burned, but he left his favourite one at home. Could he then advise others not to follow occult practices? Let us realize that the one thing we are greatly attached to can be the obstacle which stands in the way of our entering into the Kingdom of God. The Ephesians who brought their books containing curious arts burned them all, for the Holy Spirit had burned this conviction in their hearts. As a result, the enormous sum of money which had been invested into these books went up in smoke. But much greater treasures were received upon which no dollar value could be placed—treasures of eternal value.

Thought: What is the greatest hindrance to you when praying fervently for the Lord’s grace?

Psalter 40:3,4 (based on Psalm 19) The fear of the Lord is most clean, Forever unmoved it has stood; His judgments are perfectly true, In all things most righteous and good. Such treasure no gold can supply, Such sweetness no honey afford; Their warnings none heed and obey But find most abundant reward.


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