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Thankful for Christ’s Church

Photo by Phil Kenyon

This weekend I spent some time at a young adults retreat. Approximately 100 of us gathered together at a church to spend time enjoying various activities together. We all met new friends, shared laughs, and much more. But most importantly we shared our Christian faith together. We spent time dwelling on how God wants us to engage with this world. We spent time lifting praises to the Lord God.

I had a hard time leaving the event last night. I contemplated turning around and going back as I drove away. I didn’t want the time we were spending together united to end. There was such a special feeling hanging out in a church with so many people my age who also have been touched by God’s undeserved love.

Yet, then this morning I awoke and headed off to church in my hometown. And you know what is amazing? A similar experience was had again. I shared in communion with my church family. We were once again united by one thing. We were united because God, the creator of this world, has reached out to us needy sinners with His abounding love.

Now we won’t always have these experiences. Sometimes the weeks become long as we get caught up in the business of life. Yet, I want to encourage you to give thanks this day for the body of Christ and all the ways God blesses us through this body. Consider the value of worshiping God with fellow believers, the value of bearing one another’s burdens, of growing together in God’s love.


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