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Survey: Your View of Marijuana

Calling all Young People! An elder in the URC churches is taking a survery—and he wants you to participate. The survey is anonymous, takes 1 and 1/2 minutes (or less), and is on the use and view of marijuana. He’s hoping he can get many young people between the ages of 15 and 30 to participate. After, he will compile and share the results with us. Read a part of his letter to the FRC churches below:

My name is Scott Vanoostveen. I am an elder at Trinity United Reformed Church in St. Catharines … With the sale of legalized marijuana likely to begin in July of this year, there are a lot of questions that I think our church leaders should be starting to talk about. Is the legalization of marijuana in Canada going to result in more church members trying it out? How will this effect the way our young people think about drug use? Will our members begin to think of recreational marijuana use in the same way they think of alcohol use? The degree to which this legislation will impact our churches is difficult to predict but, I think that, as elders, it is our duty to prepare ourselves for whatever may lie ahead. In an effort to gain perspective on this issue, I have developed a very short survey to help identify some of the potential effects this legislation will have on our congregations and on our task as elders. It is my goal to have this survey completed by 10,000 members of Reformed (or likeminded) churches in Ontario. To gain the most relevant information, it is especially important that members between the ages of 15 and 30 complete the survey. I am planning to use the results to compile a report that I would be able to share with you. I believe that the results of this survey will at the very least serve as a starting point as we prepare for the changes that will certainly affect the world we live in and potentially the churches that we serve.

You can take the survey yourself by following this link:


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