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Sunday Across the FRC (October 15)

Here is where we highlight a few of the sermons that were preached across the FRC this past Sunday, in a way to help us feel more connected to one another.

Rev. John Koopman on “Sola Gratia-Grace Alone.”

Rev. Koopman from Chilliwack FRC continues his series on the “solas” of the Reformation from Ezekiel 37 & Ephesians 2. Listen to what it means to be saved by grace alone here.

Rev. Scott Dibbet on “Soli Deo Gloria.”

Rev. Dibbet from Lacombe FRC was preaching in Vineland FRC and he joined Rev. Koopman with his own Reformation theme: Glory to God alone! He turned to Colossians 1 & Romans 11 to teach that Soli Deo Gloria is (1) Rooted in theology, and it (2) Produces Doxology. Listen here.

Rev. David Kranendonk on the Numbers 6 “Blessing”

Have you ever wondered about the blessing ministers give on Sunday with heir hands raised in the air? Rev. Kranendonk from Oxford County FRC was preaching in Pompton Plains FRC (in case you’re wondering, we have FRC “committee meetings” this week, and many of our ministers are on numerous committees, and to help they exchange pulpits with one another). You can listen here!

Dr. David Murray on “The Dangers of Digital Babylon.”

Dr. Murray was preaching in Grand Rapids FRC and looked at Daniel 1:8, which tells us of Daniel’s resolve that he would not defile himself with the king’s food—and he turns it to us and makes us look at where we defile ourselves with our culture’s “food.” Listen to it here.


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