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Remembering the Basics

The front desk sends off a chorus of call bells noisily as a handful of nurses sit down to get report and research the patients assigned to them that day. They just found out one co-worker cannot make it in, meaning they have to work short staffed. For each patient there are assessments to complete, medications to competently give, tubes and IV lines to deal with, discussions to be had with the doctor, physiotherapist, family, and more… I’m sure many of the nurses were overwhelmed contemplating all that had to be done. Managing the care of an extra patient in addition to the usual assignment is a stressful thing to face in our already resource strapped healthcare system…

Why am I sharing this on Plants and Pillars? I believe there is a lesson to be learned from this situation for us as Christians. I work as a nurse on a surgical floor. As a fairly new nurse, I recently worked short-staffed for the first time since I started at the hospital. Even on a good day, I usually run behind as I am still learning the ropes of the job. So I cannot describe some of the thoughts going on in my head as I sat there preparing for my shift. I had a lengthy list of things to keep on top of. How in the world was I going to complete my work competently and still find the time to be caring to my patients? How was I still going to fulfill my calling to be a loving, empathetic, kind nurse throughout my day? As I was reflecting back on the day of work, I realized there is a valuable lesson to be learned from this situation.

We all lead pretty busy lives. As young people many of us have jobs, school, friends and more to keep us busy. There is always something to do. Just as I had many tasks to perform in the hospital, similarly, I have a busy life away from work. Often this busyness inhibits the fundamental, vital parts of life just as the overwhelming workload got in the way of my ability to still be caring and kind to my patients and coworkers.

Plants and Pillars is a website devoted to sharing the good news of Christ. Many of you reading this article know that we need relationship with Christ. In ourselves we are broken and sinful. Yet, in the death and resurrection of Christ we may be restored and made completely clean. If you live in Christ then you know that drawing nearer to Him each day is so important and rewarding. Yet at times it is still difficult to do.

Lately, I have found it hard to ensure I am drawing near to God each day. I have found difficult to ensure I am loving Christ through my actions. In the hospital, even when I am swamped with work, I always know I must take the time to truly care for and support my patients. I find this a helpful comparison for our walk with God. Even when we are busy in life, we still must set aside time to nurture our relationship with God. God calls us repeatedly in the Bible to lives of holiness for him. He also calls many times for us to come to Him amidst the struggles of life. Will you challenge yourself to take the time each day to draw near to God?

As a nurse, on a hectic day it can seem useless and a waste of time to continue to be kind and caring towards patients. Yet, it is always rewarding both for the patients and yourself. At the end of the day working short-staffed a number of my patients’ and their family members made comments of appreciation. In our lives as Christ followers I think we sometimes forget that drawing near to God and spending those extra moments embracing Him will always be a blessing. Take the time today amidst your busyness to embrace Christ and all He has to offer. You will not regret it.


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