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Is It Selfish To Go To Church?

Tim Challies, (as he often does), posted a link to a great article this morning written by All Nations Church Ilford, a Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ilford, East London, UK. The article is titled, “Is it selfish to go to church?”

Before you read it: What do you think? Is going to church in a pandemic selfish? Are we putting one another—and our neighbours—in danger?

Read this article for a really good answer. But let me whet your appetite with one paragraph below:

“This is a brilliant opportunity to explain to Britain what church-going is actually all about. Going to church is not a private, personal habit that some people enjoy, but others don’t. It is a moral duty binding on everyone. Everyone in Britain is morally obligated to worship the living God at church, just as they are obligated not to steal from shops, and to tell the truth. Whoever you are, you were made to worship God! When God takes the register at church each Sunday, he doesn’t just note the Christians who are absent. He says: “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!” (Psalm 150:6).”

Read the rest of it here: Is it selfish to go to church?


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