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I Am Not Defined By My Mistakes

Photo by Abby Tolsma

“I’m not good enough.” “I don’t think God could love me.” “Why would anyone, especially God, care about me?” Have you said any of these things? If so, maybe you are feeling hopeless at this stage of your life. You realize that you have so many flaws and wonder how the result of that could possibly be good for you. The love and hope promised by God couldn’t possibly be for you, could it?

Having these feelings makes us fall into a state of despair. These feelings of hopelessness are not necessary but that doesn’t stop them from existing. We start to feel like we are defined only by our sinful humanity, and that in an of itself would cause anyone to feel hopeless. How could God love sinners like us?

The good news? It doesn’t end here. One of my favorite songs starts it’s second verse with these lyrics: “I am not my failures I am not my flaws I am not defined by my mistakes Only by Your love”

That’s the part that we forget about when hopelessness surrounds us. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “That’s great and all, but if I’m not good enough to gain God’s love, then how can His love define me? I’ve not done anything to earn His love.” That brings us to another precious truth.

God’s love is not founded on us.

So how could we not be enough? God’s love is based on God’s love, not on you or I. If it’s based on Him alone then why do you think He couldn’t love you?  The truth is God loves you of His own will, and that love then defines you in His eyes. It’s not anything we do, “not a result of (our) works, so that no one may boast.” (Ephesians 2:9)

So when you feel like God would not love someone like you, find strength in His character. If you believe in God, His love covers and defines you. No matter if you don’t feel good enough or you feel hopeless. Leave it to God. It’s in His hands and He has the power to redeem and also love a sinner like you.


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