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Happy Reformation Day!

What is Reformation Day? It’s the day we remember what happened in church history to bring us to where we are today, as churches and Christians. It’s like looking into our own family history! This year we want to point you to a number of great resources by Ligonier Ministries about the Reformation—ranging from a 2 minute read, an 8 minute podcast, or a 1 1/2 hour video.

1.  2 minute read: Here is a short and to the point article that answers the question, “What is Reformation Day?

2.  8 minute listen: Ligonier has started a real great podcast called, “Luther: In Real Time.” The episodes so far range from 8-11 minutes long. This podcast has the goal of having us, “hear—in Luther’s own words—what Protestants are protesting and why it still matters today.”

3.  1 1/2 hour watch: Ligonier has also made their documentary on Martin Luther free to watch on YouTube only until tomorrow night. The title is, “Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer.” There is also a free study guide to accompany it!


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