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Digitally Addicted? Take This Test

From the Editor: About a year and a half ago Dr. David Murray made a questionnaire with 29 questions to help you figure out how addicted you are to everything digital. Here it is again (below). Challenge a friend to complete this with you. Or bring it home and show it to your family and see who gets the highest or lowest score! Instructions from Dr. Murray provided:

To make the best use of it:

1. Download the PDF.

2. Have a look at the questions to find out what to measure each day.

3. Complete the questionnaire at the end of each day.

4. Total your points to find out where you are on the digital addiction scale

  1. 100+ You are passed-out drunk on data

  2. 60+ You are drunk and disorderly

  3. 0-30 You are sober and almost tee-total!

5. Repeat exercise a week later to see if you are making progress in your digital detox.

You can view and/or download the questionnaire here. Go!


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