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Check Out: “Sin is not a Pet”

“With all due respect, you can’t be serious. Do you know what sin is?” “As he continued to talk, it was evident that he did not…” “Sin is not a pet to be walked several times a week. It is a lion, a wolf, a bear. It bites and hunts at will. It attacks as a piranha. It is a restless evil lit ablaze by the fires of hell. Sin cannot be trained, bridled, or domesticated. Cannot be rescued, rehabilitated, or redeemed. Sin will never wear a collar, stick to its kennel, or cease clawing at your throat.” “To him, sin was like breaking the speed limit — nothing personal. It was not an injury to our greatest Lover, a betrayal of our truest Friend, a dishonoring of our heavenly Father, an act of war against our mighty King, the creature spitting towards his Almighty Creator.”

Wow! Read the rest of what Greg Morse writes about killing pet sins before they kill you here.


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