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Change and What it Says About God

I strongly dislike change. I am most happy when things stay the same, and I can stay in my comfort zone. When things change in my life, I find myself asking a lot of questions. “Why?” “Why does this have to be happening?” “How is this fair?” Ultimately, “Why does something have to change every time I feel like my life is (finally) going well?”

Maybe you can relate to this. Maybe it was a breakup, or friendship dissolved. Maybe you had to make a big move or change churches or schools. Maybe some secret is revealed that changes life as you know it.

You feel scared, confused, and hurt. Your world feels like it is falling apart. You wonder if life will ever return to happy. You wonder if you will ever feel happy. Be happy.

Over time, you may find and experience your happy again. And you may forget what you were feeling during that moment of change. But in the moment you don’t think about that… You just feel pain. Raw and heartbreaking pain at times.

The truth is, life is full of these changes. Yes, I know you know that deep down, but I need to say it to support my point. My point is this;

Change has a purpose. Change, the same change that causes that raw pain? It has a purpose.

Let me explain one of the ways this is true and my interpretation of it.

In English Literature, a foil is “A character that has characteristics that oppose another character. The foil character is used to highlight some particular quality or qualities of the main character.” Where one character lacks in something, the other has it, highlighting their difference, and the character trait being displayed.

I think God can be a foil to life at times. His attributes can be pointed out by comparison.

We already talked about how life is full of change. Can you see what I’m getting at?

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

He never changes.

Once again, Life is FULL of change but He NEVER changes.

If that doesn’t bring you comfort in a life full of change, maybe you don’t know that truth. You don’t want to accept it or think, based on your experiences, that is is not possible; because even the most sturdy and foundational things in your life can and will change.

Except Him.

Why not focus and build your life around that? Then you will never feel lost, no matter what goes on around you. If you find your joy, peace, and fulfilment in Him, you won’t have to ask, “Will I ever be happy again?” This is because you have found your happiness on a foundation that will never fall because it is made of a God who never changes.

If you have this happiness, no matter what the other changes are around you are, you will not feel like your life is falling apart, because you will understand that God is showing you who He is through the changes.

The instability of changes in life highlights the stability of God’s character (Mal. 3:6).

The uncertainty of life because of changes highlights the assurance God’s sure promises (2 Cor. 1:20).

The sorrow of life’s changes highlights the joy that is at God’s right hand forevermore (Psa. 16:11).

The pains of life’s changes highlight the peace and comfort that He provides (John 14:16).

Change in life is a foil that highlights God’s steadfastness and consistency.

Think about this the next time you face a change. See if trusting in a God who never changes affects how you feel throughout life’s storms. You might be surprised.

Let me leave you with this question. If you ask yourself, “Why does something have to change every time I feel like my life is (finally) going well?”, be honest about one thing. Is it going so well because God is a huge part of your life at that time, or is He causing life to change, so you run back to Him as the only place where there is true happiness and contentment? What might He be trying to show you about Himself?


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