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Who God Saves

February 22

Who God Saves

“He came to himself…” —Luke 15:17

Read Luke 15:11-20

The prodigal son had had enough of his boring life at home. The big, wide world was beckoning him with all its attractions. And so he left his home and was soon surrounded by friends in a distant land. As long as he paid for their amusements, he had plenty of company. However, it didn’t take too long for all his money to disappear, and then for the realization that a partying life was not everything either. Soon the raw reality of his need began to press home on him. With his money depleted, his friends left him for greener pastures. And so he was left all alone.

This young man had no choice but to try to earn a living and the only employment he could find was as a pig keeper. But then something happened for which he himself had no explanation. The Bible says, “And…he came to himself” (v. 17) – a mighty Hand stopped him in his tracks and he began to reflect on his life. Is his situation familiar to you? Perhaps in church your thoughts have wandered to the party you attended the evening before with friends who tend, increasingly, to drag your life down. Or maybe you have narrowly escaped a car accident or some other calamity. Perhaps your thoughts go back to the heated argument you just had with your parents. Many things can flash through your mind, causing you to cry out on account of your troubles, “Oh God, what now?

I have knowingly sinned against Thee and have grieved Thee by my sins. Oh Lord, I deserve to be punished but do not leave me to myself! Is there still a way back to Thee?”

The prodigal came to himself. But he also made a complete turnaround. He did not merely think about his former sinful life, but turned his back on the sins of the world. He could no longer live without the Lord and therefore turned back to his father’s house. The prodigal son repented of his sins. God is willing to give you the gift of repentance too!

Conversion consists of coming to oneself and turning from one’s former life. What do you think of this?

This devotional was taken from “The Time of Your Life” a daily devotional published by the Youth & Educational Committee of the FRC. To order a printed copy of this book, contact:


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